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We are developing some exciting new CNC machines.  Aswiss Model 1296 is leading the forefront or our design as our first production ready CNC machine.  We are currently developing new models and will have some preliminary designs posted to this website in the coming months.  Please come back often to see our new capabilities.

Below is a picture of a newly developed CNC Router. It can be purchased as is or customized to suit the needs of the customer. It has proven itself to be a very reliable machine.

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Aswiss Model 1296         

This is a video of Aswiss Model 1296 machining a cribbage board.  It makes engraving cuts, drills holes (488 total) and cuts out the cribbage board with one tool. All of this is accomplished in a little over twelve minutes in red oak!

This website is a work in progress. It will be finished by June 15, 2006. Much more information will be added about our capabilities. Please come back often.

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More Machine Details
Click here to see a video of Aswiss Model 1296 in action.

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